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Pappu Pets

Pappu pets line 

our products- all natural and aroma therapeutic

Pappu Natural products offer a complete line for your pets needs all natural and based on pure essential oils, made artisanal and local manufacturing offer the best quality for you best friends: your pets.




1-       Baking soda Oatmeal Lavender

2-      Plum with silk protein

3-       Baking soda Deep clean

4-      Hypo Allergenic Coconut Lime Verbena




Coconut Lime Verbena Conditioner



Plum Cologne

Coconut Lime Verbena Cologne


Fleas & Ticks Treatment

1- Fleas & Ticks Shampoo

2- Fleas & Ticks Spray for pets

3- Fleas & Ticks Bedding Spray

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